Cohen Cramer Solicitors Leeds

Cohen Cramer – Case Study

Number of Users: 50
Services: IT Support, Office 365 and DNS Hosting

Service Outline:

Cohen Cramer are a leading law firm in the centre of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

When Cohen Cramer moved to Eitex in 2007 they had just one file server. As the company was expanding rapidly we had to come up with a plan to allow their IT to grow at the same rate.

The single server was removed and 4 new servers were installed one by one. This was to achieve the following:

– Spread to load across multiple servers
– Provide better resilience and performance for email and file sharing
– Provide remote access to users
– Allow installation of Pro-Claim and Bighand (Case Management Software)
– Open Licensing for Microsoft software

All systems are actively monitored and controlled via our helpdesk, with on-site work carried out by Cohen Cramer IT Staff.

Cohen Cramer are kept up to speed with technology via quarterly meetings. Discussed recently were:

– Microsoft Dynamics CRM
– SharePoint
– Yammer

As the company expands further we are now beginning to move services to the cloud with Office 365. This allows greater leverage of existing IT without the need for large capital investment. Office licensing is being moved to Office 365 for greater flexibility and cost savings.