Office 365 for Global company Jacobi Carbons

Jacobi Carbons

Number of Users: 500
Services: Office 365 Enterprise
Services: Office 365 Migration

Service Outline:

Jacobi were experiencing email problems, not all email sent was being received by colleagues which operate from different countries. This is largely due to differing technologies and regulations within each country. None the less it was a real concern and a growing problem for the ever expanding company. In addition to the email problems, Jacobi wanted to consolidate their systems, and software licensing across the entire organisation.

Jacobi Carbon HQ is in Sweden and the company operates from 20 countries across the globe including Australia, China, US, France, Germany, Italy and India. There are around 500 users in total.

Eitex offered the following solution:

Eitex implemented Office 365 and migrated email from different GoDaddy accounts and servers. The new Office 365 subscription allowed the company to operate in many different countries by utilising local data centres. Each data centre operates and functions within each respective countries guidelines and regulations. This allows any user to communicate consistently with any other user across the globe!

The Office 365 solution also provides Office 365 Pro Plus for every user, who are now able to enjoy the very latest version of Microsoft Office. The IT team also enjoys simplified licensing, with easy upscale and downscale capabilities.

Moving forward we are looking to implement:

Moving forward Jacobi are looking to explore further benefits that Office 365 offers such as enhanced communication via Microsoft Lync, and cloud based document sharing via SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.