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Despite the dependancy on IT these days it’s amazing how many business owners / directors do not know what kind of system/s they have.

It’s not perhaps through the need to know, or the desire to know, but simply due to the lack of information provided by their existing IT Support provider.

On a day to day basis system users, business owners / directors know their systems seem to be running ‘ok’ but often vital pieces of the jigsaw are missing!

When auditing IT equipment and systems supplied by other IT Companies we often find the same or similar trends, and due to their importance it is astonishing that some things are missed!

Such things include insufficient or no backup of system data, user data, email, or disaster recovery information. Users are often not aware of this as they believe the tape they are inserting each night contains backup data, and is working in the correct manner. Unless backups are being monitored, how do you know? It is also a misconception that online / offsite backups contain Disaster Recovery information as often they do not!

We also often find systems are not or inadequately protected against viruses and malware, or virus definitions are not monitored to ensure they are up to date. Virus protection is of paramount importance, a combination of this with lack of backup can be catastrophic!

Another thing we often find us the lack of, or insufficient UPS protection. This essentially is a battery backup system that ensures continued and clean power to your servers. Without this relatively simple device data corruption could easily occur in the event if power spike or failure, even if this occurrence is for a milli-second!

As systems are running ‘ok’ the above is regularly overlooked and only comes to light when there is a problem. A small problem suddenly becomes a big one!

One final worrying trend I would like to mention is the use of generic passwords for Administrator accounts. These passwords are often insecure, easy to guess, and offer little protection. Worse still the passwords are generally passed on to users which as a result allows staff at Eitex or anyone for that matter to be able if so desired to build a database of Administrator passwords used by other IT companies. This is worrying as unauthorised users may have these passwords to gain entry into your system!

If you are reading this then we don’t wish to worry you, instead we intend to offer piece of mind by providing you with a free mini system audit. The above issues will be reported on to ensure your system is safe, secure and is running as well as what it can be.

If you would like to arrange a free audit please contact your local division of Eitex and mention this blog.

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