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Eitex Upgrades Nostell Estate Broadband Services for Enhanced Tenant Connectivity

The Nostell Estate in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, is a sprawling estate that spans over several thousand acres and is home to many businesses. Eitex upgraded estate broadband services to meet high-speed internet connectivity demands. This move will make broadband setup and management more accessible for tenants who work from the estate.

Why Eitex Upgraded Nostell Estate Broadband Services

With the pandemic and the rise of remote work, high-speed internet connectivity has become necessary for businesses and residents. Eitex upgraded the broadband on Nostell Estate to meet the demand for fast internet. Tenants can now work efficiently at faster speeds.

Benefits of the Nostell Estate Broadband Upgrade

The benefits to the tenants of the Nostell Estate do not end with faster internet speeds and more reliable connectivity. One of the most significant benefits is access to a dedicated support team that all tenants can rely on for assistance. With the upgraded broadband services, all tenants will have the same port of call for internet connectivity issues. This centralised support system makes it easier for tenants to troubleshoot problems, reducing the time and effort required to get back online.

Estate Director, Peter Molyneux, said: “To counteract the rising costs to businesses on the estate, we selected Eitex as a telecoms provider that can offer great value for money. Our tenants will experience the same connectivity (if not faster!) but with no fee increase. By centralising the resource, we make broadband easier to manage while reducing the risk of localised price hikes for specific tenants.”

Moreover, the dedicated support team provided by Eitex will be available to all tenants, ensuring that everyone on the estate has access to the same level of support. This will be particularly useful for small businesses or residents who may not have the resources to hire dedicated IT staff. With Eitex’s support team, all tenants can access expert advice and guidance on managing their internet connections.

Expertise in Broadband Services

Eitex has provided IT services to businesses across the UK for over a decade. With their expertise in broadband services, they were the ideal partner to upgrade the broadband services on the Nostell Estate. Eitex’s team of experts conducted a thorough analysis of the estate’s existing broadband infrastructure to identify areas for improvement. They then installed new equipment and software to improve the estate’s broadband services. Finally, they provided training and support to ensure tenants could easily access and manage their internet connections.

In conclusion, the upgraded broadband services on the Nostell Estate provided by Eitex offer tenants a wide range of benefits. These include faster internet speeds, more reliable connectivity, and a centralised support team all tenants can access. With these upgrades, businesses on the estate can work more efficiently and effectively. This will reduce the time and effort required to manage their internet connections. Eitex’s commitment to providing great value for money ensures all tenants can access these benefits without facing additional fees or price hikes.

To learn more about Eitex’s broadband services and other IT services, contact our experts for support.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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