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Wakefield First

Football Fever is starting to bite, and yesterday morning Eitex joined in with other businesses across the district for a little light-hearted fun and to enter Wakefield First’s World Cup Draw.

The event was well-attended, so a shout out to other businesses who were there:

·         Conservatory Outlet – Amy Johnson

·         Eitex – Adele and Dean Spencer

·         Eric Richmond Foods – Xander Martin

·         Mint Support – Peter Clough

·         Northern Media – Matt, Owen and Adrian

·         OE Electrics – Peter Swaine

·         Ossett Brewery – Jamie Merrill and Leanne

·         Planet Platforms – Melanie Hawkshaw and Greg Armitage

·         Qubana – Jenny and Tricia Thompson

·         SIP Build – Elaine Gardner

·         Theatre Royal Wakefield –Rosie Dewsbury

It was great to meet everyone and join in some friendly competitive banter. Broadcast live by Rhubarb Radio and hosted at the CREATE cafe, Wakefield First is the power behind the event and the ongoing competitive spirit as the World Cup progresses. Together, 32 local businesses were each allocated a team from a random draw, and we have to say we were quietly pleased when Eitex drew Brazil.

Wakefield First

As part of Wakefield Council, Wakefield First is a strategic organisation, public and private sector led. It exists to promote the region and raise the profile of the Wakefield district and the dynamic businesses scattered throughout the area.

It’s responsible for attracting inward investment and supporting trade through job creation and sustainable economic growth. Wakefield has the fourth largest economy in the Leeds City region, worth £6.5 billion.

They support local business growth with start-up advice, funding and grants, and training. There are events of all kinds going on every month, offered and hosted by various businesses and enterprises, all promoted and supported with the help of Wakefield First. Some are aimed at the local community and others are more business orientated, but all are aimed to draw the people of Wakefield (business owners and general public) closer together.

The Football Countdown

As the World Cup progresses, Wakefield First will publish the match results, keeping all us prize drawer ticket holders informed about where we stand.

The grand prize for the business with the winning team is one week’s worth of FREE advertising over the Wakefield First and Council sites.

Good luck to the 31 other businesses taking part with us. Whatever happens, it’s all good fun!

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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