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We Are Wakefield


Eitex has been a We Are Wakefield (Wakefield Bondholder) member for five years. Managing Director Dean Spencer says, “The membership has allowed us to promote Managed IT Services to Wakefield businesses.

The networking meetings have also allowed us to find critical local suppliers, as well as valuable introductions into Wakefield Council.”  

We Are Wakefield has been supporting and serving the local business community since its inception seven years ago. The key focus is to promote Wakefield to a national and international audience.

We Are Wakefield will benefit both the city and the business district. The support service has the backing of Wakefield First which bridges the gap between business and local government.  

Local Business Support

The role of both parties became even more apparent at the start of the Covid-19 lock-down. Eitex realised that many businesses were not geared-up to working from home. Despite many of them already subscribing to Microsoft 365, pretty much none of them had used Microsoft Teams before.  

Eitex and We Are Wakefield quickly arranged free Microsoft Teams Workshop for its members. One hundred fifty people attended the webinar on the first day of lock-down.

The high attendance demonstrated a real appetite for this information. It also showed the willingness to succeed in this challenging time!

The informative session armed attendees with tools and knowledge to help them work effectively from home, including Teams Channels, Chat, Collaboration, Meetings, and SharePoint, OneDrive-for-Business.  

Staying connected with colleagues is good for mental health, too, as well as keeping the wheels of business turning!   

The Microsoft Teams session was recorded and is available on the Eitex YouTube Channel.  

Managed IT Services in Wakefield

On the back of ‘Supporting Wakefield’, We Are Wakefield wanted to extend its relationship with Eitex and sign up to Managed IT Services and Microsoft 365

Leanne Gelsthorpe from the Bondholders said, “the support and assistance provided by Eitex during this difficult period has been invaluable; it has been a real life-line, thank you to all the team at Eitex!”   

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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