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Celebrating Ten Years of IT Support Collaboration with Uniexpress Limited

Eitex proudly marks a ten-year IT support collaboration with Uniexpress Limited, a prominent player in the realm of independent freight forwarding.

Uniexpress Ltd stands as one of the United Kingdom’s foremost independent freight forwarders, renowned for delivering personalised shipping solutions encompassing sea, air, and road transport.

The journey commenced in October 2013, when Uniexpress enlisted the services of Eitex. Back then, Uniexpress had offices in Bradford and Manchester, accommodating 40 IT users. Since that pivotal year, the company has undergone significant expansion, now operating from seven additional locations in Derby, Halifax office & warehouse, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Heywood warehouse boasting a workforce of over 150 IT users.

Streamlining Data Security and Collaboration with Microsoft 365

In the initial stages, the company faced considerable challenges. Data was scattered across individual computers, each equipped with its own distinct antivirus solutions. Recognising the need for a more streamlined and secure approach, Eitex embarked on a transformative journey. Working closely with Uniexpress, Eitex migrated the business to the Microsoft 365 platform, a strategic move that not only centralises data but also enhances security and collaboration.

Additionally, Eitex transferred all data to OneDrive, further bolstering data accessibility and resilience across the organisation. This significant transition marked a pivotal moment in the company’s digital evolution, paving the way for increased efficiency and data management excellence.

A Dedicated IT Support Team That Evolves with You

Over the past decade, Eitex has expanded its array of services for Uniexpress significantly. In addition to our core IT support, we have implemented comprehensive enhancements across their infrastructure. We’ve successfully deployed internet connectivity at all Uniexpress locations.

Moreover, we’ve developed a robust and tailored SharePoint portal, meticulously crafted to cater to Uniexpress’s unique needs. This portal not only streamlines data management but also fosters efficient collaboration within the organisation.

Continuing IT Solutions for Ongoing Progress

As we move forward in our partnership, we are excited to embark on a path of continued growth and technological advancement. One significant step is the adoption of Microsoft Teams Phone, which promises to enhance communication and collaboration within the business, fostering greater productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, we are committed to assisting the company in achieving its Cyber Essentials Plus certificate. This certification will provide a strong foundation for cybersecurity, ensuring that Uniexpress digital assets remain protected against evolving threats.

Future marked by innovation, security, and shared success.

Eitex is thrilled to be a part of Uniexpress’s journey, and we are genuinely excited about what the next ten years will bring. Our commitment to providing top-notch IT support and solutions remains unwavering. We look forward to further strengthening our partnership, exploring new opportunities, and achieving greater milestones together. Here’s to a prosperous and innovative future!

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Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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