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IT Support Pontefract

Wave Creative, a branding, marketing and digital agency based in Pontefract, recently contracted with Eitex to help with their system IT upgrade. Word, as they say, gets round so, as a company that keeps its finger on the community pulse, Wave heard about our recent work in Pontefract.

Like many businesses, Wave Creative wasn’t getting all they could out of their Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Unless you happen to know Office 365 inside out, the benefits and applications it offers business aren’t always clear.

Companies like Wave draw strongly on creative team energy underpinned by computing and Internet power. For them, making Office 365 earn its keep is vital. Eitex were able to help in various ways.

Exchange Online Email Upgrade

Originally, Wave used Office 365 for Microsoft Office only. The Eitex team moved and configured their email to Office 365 Exchange Online.

Using this option, the Wave Creative team now has shared email mailboxes and calendars. This advanced access makes it easier to stay in touch with colleagues. They can schedule appointments, arrange meetings and generally stay up to speed in their fast moving environment.

Another advantage they’ll benefit from is mobile capability. Office 365 applications work across all devices. There’s nothing more frustrating (or potentially damaging) than needing to access information only to realise the document is stuck on the office computer. Armed with a tablet or even a smartphone, it’s a simple matter to log in and find the needed information. Exchange Online makes collaboration actually work.

Azure Security and Backup

Wave Creative has also subscribed to Cloud Backup with Azure, something no modern company should be without. Many companies still rely on manual backups. The big danger with this strategy, however, may only become apparent when you need disaster recovery.

Azure offers many features beyond cloud backup. But, since it’s a scalable service, it’s possible to start with what you need today, and upgrade at a later date. Subscribing to Cloud Backup offers protection against the many threats to business data these days.

Apple IT Support

Wave Creative has also subscribed to IT Support from Eitex for their Apple Mac computers. Many Microsoft Office 365 products are just as happy running in Mac OS as they are in Windows, so if your company prefers Apple products you don’t have to miss out on all the good things offered by Microsoft.

We’re delighted to be working with Wave Creative, and wish them every success now and in the future.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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