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Navigation Wealth Secures Cyber Essentials Certification with Expert Assistance

Eitex has fulfilled all Navigation Wealth Management Ltd‘s IT needs for the past few years, including a key project in helping the company attain its Cyber Essentials certification.

Navigation Wealth Management Ltd offers comprehensive financial services, prioritising client support in achieving long-term financial goals and safeguarding wealth through investment guidance, planning, asset management, and more.

The company Navigation Wealth is a partner of  St. James’s Place. Eitex currently provides IT support to over 40 St. James’s Place partners, contributing to the advisory services that cater to the diverse financial needs of more than 868,000 clients.

What are Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, government-endorsed certifications, promote robust information security practices. Cyber Essentials focuses on five key technical controls. These include fortified firewalls and strict user access controls, demonstrating an organisation’s dedication to safeguarding digital assets. The Plus certification rigorously examines security controls, ensuring their effective implementation against advanced cyber risks.

Enhancing Cybersecurity for Financial Advisors: Empowering Safe and Secure Practices

Having a Cyber Essentials certification is crucial for Navigation Wealth Management. It shows their commitment to strong cybersecurity practices, including vital controls like robust firewalls and strict user access.

This certification is essential in protecting against online threats. This boosts confidence among clients and partners by demonstrating the company’s proactive stance in safeguarding digital assets in today’s cyber-risk environment.

Empowering Companies with Cyber Essentials Certification and Enhanced Cybersecurity

Eitex helped Navigation Wealth Management and many other companies get Cyber Essentials certification. We offer expertise and support in setting up important cybersecurity measures, such as stronger firewalls and strict user access controls. Eitex guides companies through certification, ensuring they meet the necessary standards and showcase their commitment to strong information security practices.

We also assist in the advanced assessment for Cyber Essentials Plus, where a certified assessor thoroughly examines security controls to improve the organisation’s overall cybersecurity.

IT Trusted Partner

Eitex is thrilled to be Navigation Wealth Management’s go-to IT support partner. We’re looking forward to a long and successful partnership. If you’re searching for a trusted IT support provider to elevate your business, remember these key lessons from this partnership: personalised solutions, proactive service, and top-notch expertise are the winning formula. Contact us today.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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