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Microsoft CRM for Telecoms

Our expertise with Microsoft CRM systems recently brought us into contact with Wakefield based company, ETS Communications. In this on-going project, Eitex is installing the necessary infrastructure and on-premises servers to update their current Microsoft CRM 3 to CRM 2013.

The updated CRM system delivers a more integrated experience, allowing all departments to communicate in real time, with each other and with customers. Compatible with, and working through, the same login as Microsoft 365, the simplified CRM 2013 works as well on tablets and mobile phones as it does on PCs.

Microsoft Dynamics in Action With CRM 2013

These are a few of the main features ETS Communications can look forward to when the upgrade to CRM 2013 is complete:

  • Shorter sales cycle with Guided Sales Processes
  • Access to CRM on Tablets and Mobile phones
  • Better compatibility with Office 2013 and Office 2016

An On-Going Commitment to Superior CRM 2015

Demonstrating a solid commitment to first class customer service, ETS Communications will follow through with an upgrade to CRM 2015. As well as the previous enhanced features, this second upgrade will deliver added functionality:

  • Online marketing channels through the new Social Listening feature
  • Cross-sell opportunities with Product Families
  • Readiness for the new touch version of MS Office coming next year

Never Underestimate the Power of Social

One of the most powerful features of Microsoft CRM 2015 is Social Listening.

Long gone are the days when marketing alone drove sales. Today’s consumers are streets ahead of advertisers, having travelled up to 60% of the way through the sales cycle before they interact with providers.

Peer reviews, opinions, and general product chat all influence buyers more than slick advertising campaigns. The always-on Internet has drastically changed consumer’s expectations regarding service. If queries go unanswered, sales and goodwill can be lost with the click of a mouse or a quick tweet.

Social media has, in many ways, upset the balance of power, handing far more to the consumer. Savvy companies are quick to realise it, strengthening their CRM systems accordingly. It’s vital for any line of business, and especially so for companies such as ETS Communications, who specialise in telephone and network services.

Eitex will, of course, take care of both upgrade installations.

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