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Dynamics 365 LinkedIn

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn last year will prove advantageous for Dynamics 365 users, and those who use other familiar Microsoft programs such as Office, Skype or Outlook. Having an up-to-date data source on individual professionals could have an immediate impact on many aspects of daily business operations.

Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement

 “You just can’t get the staff these days,” used to be a saying spoken in jest, and everyone had a little laugh. Some of the sparkle has gone out of that joke

these days, as many companies realise the difficulty of finding people with the right talents. According to this LinkedIn report, 1.2 million UK LinkedIn users changed jobs in 2015. CRM solutions coupled with the power of professional social platforms such as LinkedIn can provide recruiters with valuable information:

·       To find people with the required talents who are actively seeking alternative employment.

·       To engage in passive recruitment, finding potential candidates who are not actively looking for a new job.

Employee engagement and retention is another area where Dynamics 365 in conjunction with LinkedIn can help companies manage their relationships with employees. Potentially, companies could connect employees together based on their skill strengths or general interests, or draw teams closer together through enhanced communications.

Such uses would be a collaboration between employers and employees, on an opt-in basis.  This would give employees the ability to control which sections of their profile or activities employers can see.

Sales Productivity and Collaboration

With LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 CRM, sales representatives will have a deep data source of up-to-date information on contacts and leads. They will also be able to see how they are connected to other people through LinkedIn, which will create an immediate sense of common ground and interest.

Integrating LinkedIn in this way could also encourage sales reps to make more use of social selling strategies. They could, for instance, find and engage with new, like-minded communities with which to share product and service materials. LinkedIn offers all businesses a rich seam of potential contacts since there are millions of company pages.

The additional, more personal information available via LinkedIn profiles should also assist with direct mail or email campaigns. Seeing each individual lead in a more holistic way, as a real person with diverse interests instead of merely being a name on a marketing list, naturally leads to more personalised marketing communications.

Integrating LinkedIn with Microsoft Dynamics 365 means you no longer have to switch between multiple browsers or tabs to gather profile information, connections or check on individual activity. All the information you need is directly available within your CRM.

In order to take advantage of all that both LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 can offer, you’ll need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team account and Dynamics 365. We’d be happy to assist or advise if you need any further information either to install Dynamics 365 or to set up LinkedIn integration.

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