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SharePoint Migration

Case Study Information

  • Project name: International company SharePoint migration
  • Category : Microsoft 365
  • Client: Jacobi Carbons
  • Completion Date: 01 December 2020
  • Skills : Microsoft 365/SharePoint Online and OneDrive-for-Business

Box to SharePoint migration

Jacobi moved to Microsoft 365 for email and Microsoft Office many years ago but still paid for a third-party cloud solution Box. The system was deeply embedded in the business with almost 1000 users accessing it daily. Maintaining usability is essential when moving from one system to another. An extra second or two taken to access each document can have a huge impact on business, multiply this by a thousand users multiple times a day and the costs associated with lost productivity can be astronomical! Eitex provided a way to seamlessly move data from Box to SharePoint, helping staff to maintain and even enhance workload. The outcome is increased productivity and reduced costs on third-party solutions.