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  • Telephone System moved to Teams Voice
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Case Study Information

  • Project name: Telephone Solution for Home and Remote Workers
  • Category: Telephony
  • Client: Karonia
  • Completion Date: 02 February 2021
  • Skills: Microsoft Teams, Teams Voice and Telephony Solutions

Telephone System moved to Teams Voice

Karonia works from multiple geographic locations as well as employing home-workers. The previous phone system was physically installed at head-office which meant that users from other offices and home had to connect via VPN. This was problematic if the internet failed at any site, particularly at head office. Eitex moved the telephone system to Microsoft Teams using the Voice / Telephone System add-on. This allows Karonia to make and receive works phone calls directly within Teams, an environment which staff are familiar with. No call-routing, call forwarding, VPN's or phone systems needed. Headsets are used more predominantly but some users have Teams enabled desk phones too. Works calls can also be made using mobile phones, and calls can even be made and received in the car! The final piece to the jigsaw is a Teams enabled intercom and door release system. The result is a truly mobile workforce with reduced telephony costs.