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When your PC’s are upgraded or replaced we are able to remove your old computer equipment. But what happens to the data and components?

Data Security:

Data security is paramount, especially considering some of the firms we deal with including law firms, accountants, charities etc.

Every single hard drive goes through a rigorous process to ensure your data is completely destroyed. This either involves ‘data shredding’ on the drive using special algorithms. This leaves the drive in a usable state for reusing elsewhere. If the drive doesn’t work, or is simply too old, it is physically destroyed.

The Environment:

Eitex are a Low Carbon Business and do everything in their reach to protect the environment.

Computers which are reusable are refurbished and provided to charities, underprivileged and / or elderly people.

Older machines which are beyond economical repair are broken down for their components which are used for PC repairs and such like.

Hardware which is out of its useful life is broken down into component parts. Aluminium, Steel and Circuit boards are processed back into raw materials which are then re-used either in PC manufacture or something else.

No hardware is exported to developing countries due to pollution and environmental impact.

We ensure that any waste which we are simply unable to do anything with is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner according to the REI and ICER codes of conduct and the UK WEEE Directives, which proves commitment to waste minimisation.

If you would like to arrange collection of your old PC’s please get in touch. The service is free of charge if replacing with new computer equipment!

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