Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

First of all, Microsoft Dynamics is the combination, or coming together of two amazing Microsoft products. Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Microsoft ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). As a result of this you’re able to:

  • manage leads
  • opportunities and quotes
  • projects and invoicing
  • field service and operations

As well as:

  • accounts and forecasting

Dynamics is a tool that provides you and your team with a complete 360-degree view of your customers! Finally, all this functionality is now available via the cloud so you don’t need to invest in server infrastructure. Most of all small businesses of just 5 users or more are able to enjoy enterprise level features! Perhaps most noteworthy is that all information is available at your finger-tips and furthermore from any location, via your web browser. Because it is developed by Microsoft, Dynamics works with your favourite applications such as Outlook and Microsoft Office which is especially relevant.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Get instant sales statistics and performance with Manager Dashboards. Sales Pipelines and sales staff performance can now be seen at a glance! Manage leads, opportunities and quotes with automatic lead scoring and powerful business intelligence. In addition automate follow-ups with workflows.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Finally you can now manage customer accounts more effectively with a complete 360 degree view. Sales activity, quote information, case management information is available instantly. Furthermore you now have access to financials and accounts information at your finger-tips!

Dynamics 365 Financials

Finally manage quoting, invoicing and payments, reconcile customer and supplier accounts as well as manage VAT.

Get started with Dynamics 365

Sometimes it seems like you’re overloaded with information, which is consequently badly organised. So what are you waiting for? Manage your information and data more efficiently. Empower your employees today with the tools they need! First of all you might like to start with a demo, if you would like to arrange one please contact us! Eitex are able to offer advice on licensing, in addition to system design, build and implementation.

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