Microsoft Teams and Business Voice

Microsoft Teams and Business Voice

Microsoft Teams can revolutionise your business. During the Coronavirus lockdown it was said that companies moved forward 5-years in terms of technology by using Teams and cloud technologies! Eitex can help you implement Microsoft Teams in your business, and underlying technologies such as SharePoint and OneDrive, and Outlook, Calendar, Meetings.
Now you can use Microsoft Teams as your companies phone system. Replace your PBX, ISDN lines and telephone systems, and use Microsoft 365 Business Voice instead.
A fully integrated unified communications system can revolutionise business communication, particularly between you and your customers!
Cloud based VoIP can be integrated into existing phone systems, or work independently. It can be used from any device whether computer, laptop, mobile phones and supported desk phones, conferencing equipment and solutions.

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Microsoft Teams Video Training

I’m guessing at this point we all know that Microsoft Teams provides most of the features required to work with other people remotely. It allows us to chat, run audio and video calls, and share files with others. Most of us may be aware of the concept of Microsoft Teams, but are we confused by all the features that come with it? Understanding the Features in Microsoft Teams Following feedback from our valued customers, we have put together free Microsoft 365 User Adoption Videos. Eitex has designed the videos to boost adoption and productivity within your team. All recordings are
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Feature of the Month: Office Attack Simulator

This month we will be featuring a built-in Office Attack Simulator that comes with Microsoft Office Advanced Threat Protection. What is an Office Attack? There are many types of online attacks that could affect your business or you personally. Some of these you may have heard of – such as phishing – whereas some are more obscure – such as Password-Spray. In this article, we will be talking about three of these: Spear Phishing, Password-Spray attacks and Brute-Force Password attacks. These are related as they are all types of attacks that you can craft in Office’s Attack Simulator, which comes
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Feature of the Month – Microsoft To Do

This month we are going to discuss Microsoft To Do. This is a free task management app that makes it easy to create lists, tasks and set reminders from a smartphone, tablet and computer. Go to and log in with a Microsoft account to get started! Microsoft To Do Features You can use Microsoft To Do to make any sort of lists or tasks, take notes, plan an event, or set reminders. Lists can be made for any purpose such as shopping lists, event lists, reminders, tasks, notes, and more. At the top of your app you have the
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Feature of the Month –

This month we are talking about Microsoft’s mileage tracker that comes free with Office 365 – MileIQ. What is MileIQ? MileIQ is a multi-platform mileage tracker that works on your phone, laptop, computer or anything that can run Office 365 apps. There is a mobile app on the AppStore and the Google Play store which serves as the dashboard and the tracker itself. Not only this, but you can download reports to show you statistics such as how many miles you are travelling in what vehicles and for what purposes. How does the mileage tracker work? After you complete a
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