Microsoft Teams and Business Voice

Microsoft Teams and Business Voice

Microsoft Teams can revolutionise your business. During the Coronavirus lockdown it was said that companies moved forward 5-years in terms of technology by using Teams and cloud technologies! Eitex can help you implement Microsoft Teams in your business, and underlying technologies such as SharePoint and OneDrive, and Outlook, Calendar, Meetings.
Now you can use Microsoft Teams as your companies phone system. Replace your PBX, ISDN lines and telephone systems, and use Microsoft 365 Business Voice instead.
A fully integrated unified communications system can revolutionise business communication, particularly between you and your customers!
Cloud based VoIP can be integrated into existing phone systems, or work independently. It can be used from any device whether computer, laptop, mobile phones and supported desk phones, conferencing equipment and solutions.

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The Future is Bright with The Cloud

SMB’s no longer need to spend large sums of money to implement the same standard of technology as larger corporations. Cloud services offer huge benefits over traditional on-premise server based IT solutions including: • Reduced costs – less hardware, software, licenses and support overheads.• Improved Accessibility – access your email, documents and data such as quotes, invoices and manuals from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time .• Increased Productivity – providing staff with the ability to work from anywhere means that winter weather, transport problems and strikes don’t have to interrupt your business! In addition, Microsoft Office365 comes
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Avoid the Perils of Winter this year with Office 365

Snow Days… Start your free 30 day trial right here… This year there are rumours flying around that we could be looking at a worse winter than last year! A ‘mini ice age’ apparently. Unfortunately one of the things that you probably can expect is snow. And with snow comes the usual staff phone call ‘I’m sorry but I’m snowed in. I can’t make it in today.’ This is a nightmare for productivity and sometimes a little annoying when you are a business owner.  But why should this be a problem in this day and age?  At Eitex we are
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I keep hearing about the cloud, but what is it?

Traditionally a network for a small to medium sized business consists of one or more servers, and a number of client machines / laptops etc. Today this largely remains the same, however the cloud is available as a viable option to replace servers and / or services on the network, but what is it? Essentially the cloud is a large number of servers which are stored in a data centre by companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple and such like. These servers offer tools, email, backup facilities, file sharing, online applications and much more which are often driven by
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Coping with the “Big Freeze”

Has your business been affected by the “Big Freeze”? Are your staff unable to get into work once the white stuff starts falling? If so, have you considered how you can continue running your business even when your staff can’t attend your offices? Here at Eitex we have had the same problems as everyone else. Our staff have been stuck at home, unable to get into the office. However, we have remained in operation, servicing our client’s needs as effectively as if we were all in the office, and only attending client sites and meeting client representatives has been affected.
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