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**Setup your free 30 Day Trial Now for up to 25 users!*** Eitex are able to help you understand what Office 365 is, first of all and help you chose the right licensing. In addition to this we’re able to implement it for your business and provide user training! Furthermore we will support it for you on an ongoing basis! Eitex understand that when browsing Microsoft’s website, product information and choices and can seem overwhelming. As a result it’s difficult to make the right choices. we’re here to help simplify this for you!

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform. It allows you to run your business in the cloud! It is a subscription service that allows you to move IT from a Cap-Ex (capital expenditure) to an Op-Ex (operational expenditure). The cloud computing service is a much or as little as you would like it to be, and more features can be added with just a few clicks! At Eitex we can guide you through the different licensing options and subscriptions free of charge. Why not arrange your free Cloud Consultation now to begin your cloud journey! One of the most common scenarios for existing companies is to run a hybrid system. This is where traditional servers may operate on a network, alongside cloud services such as email and SharePoint. New businesses may adopt a full cloud based system from day one! Read more about Office 365 on our blog! Eitex are Tier-1 Cloud Solution Providers. This means we deal with Microsoft at the top level, and are account managed. For you, the end user, this means you’re getting best of breed in terms of Office 365 Partner! We provide, and are specialists in:

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The Integrated Solution for Security Direct UK

Eitex were recently pleased to work with Security Direct, based in Beverley, Yorkshire, and with offices in Birmingham and London. They used cloud computing storage via a 3rd party product, but also had a subscription to Office 365 and this included OneDrive for Business. The problem is that add-on solutions can create more problems than they solve. Companies can end up with quite a tangle, especially with today’s increasingly sophisticated demands that overtax systems not designed to work together. Dean Spencer, Eitex MD comments, “Effectively Security Direct had all they needed with their Office 365 account. By also using a
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Digital Technology Grants for Yorkshire Businesses

Keeping up with digital technology can be challenging, both in terms of cost and in fears over disruption to business operations. Business owners or CIOs can often find themselves on the horn of a dilemma. Budget restraints may prevent them adopting the latest tech, despite the risks involved if they don’t keep up. “Balancing IT needs with current business operations is a common challenge,” says Dean Spencer, Eitex MD. “Bosses say they wish they could upgrade their IT, but they worry about potential downtime and how much it’s going to cost.” Fast Forward your Business for a Fraction of the
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Why Good Technology Attracts the Best Talent

As technology changes, so do employee expectations. In the 18th century the Industrial Revolution altered the world forever. In the 21st century, digital transformation and cloud computing is doing the same, for many of the same reasons. It’s said that start-ups have a tech advantage over older, more established companies. The reason given is that start-ups can utilise the latest technology from the start. Established businesses, meanwhile, can’t afford potential downtime through disruption to legacy systems. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Established companies may have more idea about what they need from technology now and in the future.
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Meeting the Basic Digital Skills Framework with Office 365

How does your company stack up against the Basic Digital Skills Framework? The framework is an updated version of the Basic Online Skills Framework. It sets out the skills individuals and companies need to get on in today’s digital world. This includes the things we do in everyday life, plus tasks carried out in the workplace. There are five skill areas: Managing Information Communicating Transacting Problem solving Creating It’s estimated that around 11.5 million adults in the UK don’t have basic digital skills. In business, digital skills can determine a company’s competitive edge. Lack of skill in any of the
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