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**Setup your free 30 Day Trial Now for up to 25 users!*** Eitex are able to help you understand what Office 365 is, first of all and help you chose the right licensing. In addition to this we’re able to implement it for your business and provide user training! Furthermore we will support it for you on an ongoing basis! Eitex understand that when browsing Microsoft’s website, product information and choices and can seem overwhelming. As a result it’s difficult to make the right choices. we’re here to help simplify this for you!

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform. It allows you to run your business in the cloud! It is a subscription service that allows you to move IT from a Cap-Ex (capital expenditure) to an Op-Ex (operational expenditure). The cloud computing service is a much or as little as you would like it to be, and more features can be added with just a few clicks! At Eitex we can guide you through the different licensing options and subscriptions free of charge. Why not arrange your free Cloud Consultation now to begin your cloud journey! One of the most common scenarios for existing companies is to run a hybrid system. This is where traditional servers may operate on a network, alongside cloud services such as email and SharePoint. New businesses may adopt a full cloud based system from day one! Read more about Office 365 on our blog! Eitex are Tier-1 Cloud Solution Providers. This means we deal with Microsoft at the top level, and are account managed. For you, the end user, this means you’re getting best of breed in terms of Office 365 Partner! We provide, and are specialists in:

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Coping with the “Big Freeze”

Has your business been affected by the “Big Freeze”? Are your staff unable to get into work once the white stuff starts falling? If so, have you considered how you can continue running your business even when your staff can’t attend your offices? Here at Eitex we have had the same problems as everyone else. Our staff have been stuck at home, unable to get into the office. However, we have remained in operation, servicing our client’s needs as effectively as if we were all in the office, and only attending client sites and meeting client representatives has been affected.
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