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IT Services for Accountancy

IT and technology investment provide significant benefits for accountants and accounting firms. IT systems in accounting can be complex, involving a wide range of software, applications, and data management tools. This productivity gap becomes noticeable when manual processes are involved, resulting in wasted time on information retrieval instead of instant access to crucial data.

Your Practice
Investing in networking, WiFi, machine connectivity, and digital tools contributes to improved efficiency, productivity, and expertise within an accounting practice.
Microsoft technology revolutionises accounting firms by enabling efficient collaboration, secure document management, and streamlined workflows, empowering success in the digital accounting landscape.
Harness the power of your existing tools to optimise workflow management in accounting firms. Make use of Microsoft Planner, To-Do, Bookings, and Shifts to streamline tasks, appointments, and employee schedules efficiently.
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Our technological capabilities and industry expertise allow us to create transformative solutions tailored specifically for your accounting firm.


Project Analysis

Benchmarking takes place at crucial milestones, spanning from investment to project completion, to evaluate deliverables and return on investment (ROI) throughout the project's duration.


Deliver Result

As an accountant or accounting firm, embracing these practices ultimately results in a more efficient and resilient accounting practice, empowering you to expand your business and achieve new levels of success.

Microsoft 365


Harnessing the power of Microsoft 365 empowers accountants and accounting firms to reallocate their investments towards more meaningful aspects of their practice, rather than IT infrastructure. By leveraging cloud-based job production, reducing lead time, and embracing automation, accounting professionals can optimise their operations and unlock new levels of efficiency.

Eitex offers assistance with licensing, product selection, design and implementation of Microsoft 365, as well as ongoing consultancy and development support to ensure a seamless integration and continued success.

More ways to be a team

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has the capability to revolutionise your accounting business, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across all staff levels, regardless of their location, be it the shop floor or management.

Eitex is available to assist you in implementing Microsoft Teams within your accounting firm, along with supporting technologies such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Calendar, and Meetings. Together, we can empower your workforce with the necessary tools to boost productivity, streamline operations, and achieve remarkable success.

Get a phone system designed for Office 365

Microsoft 365

Teams Phone

Harness the power of Microsoft Teams as your company's phone system, replacing outdated PBX, ISDN lines, and telephone systems. Embrace Microsoft 365 Business Voice instead.

A fully integrated unified communications system has the potential to revolutionise business communication, especially with customers. Cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables seamless integration with existing systems and supports a wide range of devices, offering flexible access to communication tools.

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