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Sometimes in the IT world we are presented with some interesting jobs that can make you think out of the box for a solution.

I was presented with a request a while back that needed just such thinking.

A fellow BNIer came to me and said that someone had given him a scanner with an ADF (automatic document feeder) and would I have a look at it for him.

So I popped around and after a brief chat found that there were no discs or manuals with the device and that it was a model that was about 12 years old. My BNI friend, after being interrogated by me for as much info that I could glean to help me, was not holding out much hope in getting his free scanner up and running and also networked into his business.

But, never being one to turn down a challenge I set about my research and found some old software online and came up with an alternative solution to the problem. After tweeking, configuring and quite a bit of testing we had a solution that worked and he was so happy that he wrote me this testimonial:

“I gave Gareth an old scanner with no manuals and asked him to integrate it with my IT suite. Bizzarely, he’s done it saving me money and I’m now heading to paperless utopia. He’s good”

So it just goes to show that in IT there is always a way. If you need some expert IT support ask us at Eitex.

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