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These days, all businesses, large and small use some level of IT within their business.  Whether this is simply using a computer to do the bookkeeping, having a website hosted by a 3rd party, or a major business enabling IT solution for large corporate bodies.

IT support for businesses is now sown in to the very fabric of the modern business world.

But, if you’re in the small to medium sized business arena, how do you support your IT needs in a way that’s cost effective and provides your business with the level of support and service you require?

Most organisations fall into one of 3 categories –

1. “We do it ourselves”
This is often referred to as “muddling through”.  Unless the business is involved in the IT arena or employs skilled IT staff, it is likely that IT support is done simply on a best endevours basis by the business owners or existing staff who “know a bit”.  This can lead to potential issues such as problems with security, lack of understanding of new technologies and PCs that become gradually more and more unusable as time goes on.

2. “I have a mate who takes care of it”
This is usually a one-man-band IT company or is literally just a “mate” who has some knowledge of computers (usually little more than the business owner seems to be the required qualification!).  Whilst this is undoubtedly cheap it often fails to live up to expectations and introduces a “single point of failure”, whereby if the “mate” or person providing the support isn’t available or can’t help you’re left without your systems for a while.

3. “A local company does it for us”
This is an improvement over a one-man-band as it usually involves the skills of more than one person and provides some level of resilience to the support, meaning that should the problem be outside of the skill set of the regular engineer, or they are on other business then he/she has support from a small pool of additional engineers.   The problem here is that sooner or later their availability or skills are going to run dangerously low or your technical needs are going to outstrip their capabilities.

Well now there’s a new solution!

Eitex are a national organisation but with local branches across the UK.  In this way you get the best of both worlds, with dedicated local support as and when you need it, backed up by a team of professional IT staff who can call on each others skills at any time. 

This means that with Eitex providing your IT services and PC support you are secure in the knowledge that their abilities will always match your needs.

For a free, no obligation chat contact your nearest Eitex branch or call 0845 508 3238 now.

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