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Recover your systems FAST with Eitex.

IT is fast becoming the lifeblood of business. When systems and servers fail, businesses are at risk of failure too! In fact server failure is one of the most expensive incidents a business can endure.

Here at Eitex we realise this which is why we have invested significant time and money developing managed backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Whether you are backing up to tape, USB hard drive, network device or remotely via the cloud, we have tried and tested solutions to get you up and running in hours.

With the ability to spin-up failed servers in a virtual environment means that we could get you back up and running quicker than ever before, and often before your server is repaired.

All backups are monitored on a daily basis too by trained engineers on our IT Support helpdesk.

If you’re concerned over your Disaster Recovery strategy, or even if you have a Disaster Recovery plan at all, get in touch now!

What are your thoughts on Disaster Recovery? Have you ever had one? What would you do to get by?

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