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We’re very pleased to welcome Aidan Smart to our growing team of dedicated IT experts. Aidan joins us as a Junior IT Support and 1st line engineer, where he’ll work alongside our current team on the IT Service and Customer Support desk.

We were looking for someone with exceptional IT skills and attention to detail. Someone with a passion for IT, who recognises the vital role it plays in today’s business world. We also wanted someone keen to get on; a fast learner, who sees IT support as a career not just another job. We’re confident we found just the person we were looking for in Aidan.

Even Better Customer Service

We’ve always prided ourselves on the level of customer support we offer. Yes, we’re blowing a little tune on our trumpet here, but only in so far as it reflects our deeper philosophy of putting our customers first.

We’re currently growing rapidly, having recently taken on other support staff. It all adds up to faster, more efficient problem solving and ongoing support for the customers without whom we wouldn’t have a business.

Aidan’s quick thinking and self-starting personality is exactly the attitude you need when your IT system is driving you nuts, or even if you just need a quick solution to a tricky process or workflow problem.

Eitex is a Growing Force

The fast moving world of technology and computer systems demands permanently focused attention. Attention not just on what’s happening today, but also on what’s likely to happen tomorrow. We need to stay on our toes, and for that we need a highly specialised team of people who work with us.

Aidan has exactly the qualities we needed for this brand new role. He’s excellent with people, has an empathetic understanding and a real desire to find the IT solutions that solve problems.

With over ten years’ experience with Microsoft Office, and a deep understanding of HTML, Java programming and computer hardware (not to mention his BSc honours degree in Game Design and Development) we’re confident he’ll fit right in.

In fact, he’s already doing just that, and could well be the voice that has your solution when you next give us a call.

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