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IT Support for ETS Wakefield

For the last three years, ETS Communications has trusted Eitex to take care of their Dynamics 365 system.  Going forward, we will be watching over and maintaining their IT infrastructure. This brand new contract cements our relationship, as we continue to keep ETS on the leading edge of the technology curve.

Based in Wakefield, ETS Communications is a well-established company. Since 1981 they have provided telephony solutions to over 4,000 customers. All kinds of businesses trust ETS, from small independents to large corporations. Their client base includes Primary Care Trusts, schools and councils at home and abroad.

Reliable business communications depend on a sturdy IT infrastructure, these days more than ever.

“Having faith in your IT is especially important when the solution you offer to customers also relies on technology,” notes Dean Spencer, MD at Eitex. “As our own situation is somewhat similar, we understand how vital IT is. We also depend on many of the systems we provide our customers with. We can’t afford IT weaknesses either, when our business relies on demonstrating reliability.”

User Support and Server Maintenance

As part of our new contract with ETS Communications, we will manage, monitor and maintain their servers, laptops and PCs.

We’ll also provide ongoing support to their users. User focus should always be part of managed IT solutions. They are, after all, the people who drive the systems. If we can’t help them solve problems they run into, business efficiency will fall.

Disaster Recovery with Microsoft Azure

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the importance of having a Disaster Recovery plan, and how Microsoft Azure offers the all-round solution.

One of the reasons why it’s such a good safeguarding solution against disastrous data loss is its scalability. No business can afford to spend on resources they don’t need or pay extra now for capabilities they may need in the future.

Backing up company data to Azure allows businesses to harness the power behind one of the most secure cloud platforms available. We will be applying the latest service packs and hotfixes to ETS Communications’ PCs and servers, making sure the entire system is up-to-date and protected.

We can’t overstate the importance of Disaster Recovery. We all hope we’ll never need it, but given today’s level of cyber threat (not to mention insider threats or simple user errors), being able to carry on seamlessly during troubleshooting and solving can save the company. Even something as simple as a website going down can damage your reputation and lose customers.

We plan to cover and support ETS Communications from all angles. With our expert help, their IT infrastructure will deliver what it should, when it should. Not only that, it will scale up for company growth when that time comes.

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