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Voip Telephones

Eitex have secured a brand-new IT Support and VoIP upgrade for Wakefield based company ZTL Contracting Ltd. ZTL Contracting Ltd specialise in Land Remediation, Bulk Earthworks and Waste Management across Yorkshire.

ZTL are a growing company who operate from multiple geographic locations (Wakefield and Middlesbrough). They recruited Eitex as we’re able to offer both cloud computing, and cloud telephony.

Why chose Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

One of the first projects was to provide and set up ZTL Contracting Ltd with a new telephone system. Eitex have set up a Voice over Internet Protocol system (VoIP) which means “voice transmitted over a computer network”.

The largest benefit of the new system will be the cost saving.  Phone calls are free with the new system, so the company saves a considerable amount of money on phone bill. Users can make / receive phone calls via the Broadsoft App on their Apple and Google Android mobile phones, as well as Cisco desk phones.

Pro-active IT Support & Office 365

Eitex will be providing pro-active server support and IT support for all computers and laptops, monitoring systems 24 hours a day.

Services Eitex provide to ZTL Contracting Ltd include: system updates and security management, remote assistance, telephone assistance, on-site support, one-hour response for day to day issues, Immediate response for critical issues.

Eitex will also be providing ZTL with Office 365. As for most forward thinking, customer orientated businesses, the ability to work from any location on demand is priceless. Office 365 satisfies this need, running as swiftly on mobile devices as on office desktops. They will also have access to enhanced search and tracking facilities across documents, with collaboration tools that enable departments to stay in touch.

Microsoft Azure Back Up

Last year we wrote about how Azure Keeps your Data Safe, and how it protects against external threats and attacks.

Adding Azure to ZTL’s systems will make sure the entire system is up-to-date and protected.

There is a great level of cyber threat, therefore we can’t overstate the importance of Disaster Recovery. Even something as simple as a website going down can damage your reputation and lose customers.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with ZTL Contracting Ltd.

To find out more information about services then get in touch today by calling 01924 488 612 or arrange a FREE IT audit.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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