IT Support contract with Yorkshire firm, Premier Welding

IT Support contract with Yorkshire firm, Premier Welding

Eitex is proud to have secured a brand-new IT Support contract with Yorkshire firm, Premier Welding. Based in Sheffield, Premier Welding is a well-established company. They have provided complete welding services and specialist technical advice to the South Yorkshire area for over 30 years.

Premier Welding’s professional and friendly service together with a range of high quality products has seen the company continually grow.

Due to the business growth, Premier Welding realised they can’t afford IT weaknesses. They needed to upgrade their IT support to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

Pro-active Support and File Server Maintenance

Eitex will be providing pro-active IT Support for their server and all computers and laptops, monitoring systems 24 hours a day.

Services Eitex provide to Premier Welding include:

  • System updates and security management
  • Remote assistance
  • Telephone assistance
  • On-site support
  • One-hour response for day to day issues
  • Immediate response for critical issues

Office 365 Streamlined for Email and Microsoft Office

As part of the IT Support contract, Eitex will be streamlining Premier Welding’s email to Office 365.  Part of their business already uses Office 365 for email, so they know the benefits. Eitex will move the entire company onto this system.

Here’s some great email facility Office 365 offers:

  • Your emails, calendars and contact information will be synced across all your devices so you will be up to date, with which ever device you are working from.
  • You get 50 GB of storage to keep all the emails you want. You can also send messages as big as 150MB, so no more emails bouncing back because you want to forward a few images.
  • Your emails are more distinctive when you create a custom format, include images and use your own domain name.
  • You get industry-leading anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering to guard against ever-present email threats.

Furthermore, to the steaming of their email we will consolidate licensing and make sure everyone is using the same Microsoft Office version.

Trusted brand in the IT industry

Premier Welding were looking for a trusted brand in the IT industry and for that reason they chose Eitex. Eitex have over 20 years’ experience in this industry and have a long record of successfully working with many SME’s in the Yorkshire area.

The directors of the business also liked the fact that Eitex work closely with Twilo, their website designers, as the website is a fundamental and core part of the business.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Premier Welding.

To find out more information about our Support Package then get in touch today by calling 01924 488 612 or arrange a FREE IT audit.

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