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Nothing lasts forever, and like everything else, servers come to the end of their useful life and need upgrading. Carrying on with outdated servers risks diminished, or non-existent IT Support should things go wrong with the network, which is something no company wants to face.

In this tech-dependent world, business would grind to a halt without up to date software programmes and the hardware they run on.

New clients to Eitex, Rubberlast, who’re based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and who manufacture all types of industrial rubber products, were using Windows Server 2003. For those who may not realise, this server reaches its end of life on 14th  July 2015.

With no future support from Microsoft for this server, Rubberlast made the early decision to invest in their future and upgrade to a new server well before the support cut-off date.

Ongoing Maintenance and IT Support

Installing and then migrating existing systems onto the new server is just the beginning of the journey. While the new server will competently handle all that Rubberlast asks of it, it won’t be left totally to its own devices.

No business can afford to ignore small cracks or security threats when valuable data is at stake.

As part of the ongoing support, Eitex will:

  • Monitor system health
  • Perform backup checks
  • Keep anti-virus software up to date

Office 365 Management and Support

In a busy office environment, things change all the time, necessitating changes to

  • Permissions
  • Passwords
  • Collaborations
  • Access to data

Without careful monitoring key personnel can find themselves locked out of datasets they need, or be unable to find necessary company information or contacts. Things can get a little complex when mobile access and communications or customer records are accessed from multiple devices and sources.

Maintaining security whilst making sure everyone can get at the records they need is part of our IT Support service. As a West Yorkshire company, we’re proud that Rubberlast trusts Eitex to keep their network running optimally at all times.

Fast IT Support Via our Unique Help Desk

When a business needs IT Support, it needs it now – not in a few hours or tomorrow. And that’s why we offer telephone support via our helpdesk. Open from 7am, we’re often able to fix problems before the working day begins, meaning as little disruption as possible during business hours.

If we can’t help over the phone, we’ll arrange an engineer visit to get issues resolved.

There’s no ticketing system for queries, just an old fashioned human on the end of the phone waiting to talk to you.

Unlike Windows server 2003, our relationship with Rubberlast is just beginning. We look forward to providing IT Support well into the future, making sure they have a firm IT foundation on which to build future success.

Read more about our IT Support Services here.

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