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For every company that wants to take advantage of Managed IT Services, there’s another that worries about losing control of their network.

Managed IT Concerns

Trust is a big issue for some companies. You are, after all, putting your faith in a separate company to keep your systems up and running.

Do any of these concerns sound familiar?

  • How are services managed?
  • What are the response times?
  • What happens if things go wrong or systems go down?
  • Will you still have a measure of control over who can access what?

Some of the worries about control revolve around business interruption should there be a breakdown in, say, email services. You may worry about lost data or business should your chosen Managed IT Service provider not respond fast enough. The argument goes that by keeping IT management in-house, your team can start solving the problem instantly.

In a similar vein, some companies fear getting stuck in the middle between the Managed IT Service provider and the vendor.

  • Who takes responsibility?
  • Suppose both parties claim the other is at fault?

Again, the spectre of lost business raises its head while the issue remains unsolved.

Another concern is that there’s no competitive advantage from Managed IT Services. What edge do you gain if your provider offers a similar service to other companies?

Our Answers to These Concerns

Trust: After 20 years in business, we have the experience and reputation to smooth away any trust worries. Our track record speaks for itself, but we recognise that it’s a huge leap for some companies to hand over management of their network. Which is why we work hard to make everything involved as transparent as possible. We make sure you know exactly what is happening, when, and why.

Problem Solving: Our deep knowledge as we take over the management of your network ensures we’re never stuck for the answer and respond swiftly to solve any issues. Most of the time there are no troubles to address and it’s our experience that when Managed IT Services are correctly set up, everything just works. We’re open and ready to talk things through until you’re confident.

Responsibility: It’s an understandable worry because we hear so much about people being passed from pillar to post in other areas of life. As trusted Tier-1 Microsoft Partners, we maintain a close working relationship and take responsibility seriously. In experienced hands, your network will hum along smoothly.

Security: Online security has hit the headlines repeatedly in recent weeks. Staying protected against cyber threats is another reason to consider Managed IT Services. With the latest tech, your security is as robust as it could be.

The Competitive Edge with Managed IT Services: You’re free from IT and network concerns. All the time, money and effort you’d spend in training, retaining and up-skilling an in-house IT team can now go into growing sales, developing new products and sharpening your market position. Business success is about how you use available resources, not whether competitors have access to the same resources.

Keeping Pace with Technology Advances

Business IT applications become ever more demanding as technology progresses. Without Managed IT Services from a dedicated team who do nothing else, you risk a constant scramble to keep up.

But it’s not all about technology. Having the right solution for your individual business is better than having a dozen wrong ones you don’t need. Eitex makes sure your IT solutions are the ones you do need, so you can forget technology and get on with building your business.

Switching to a Managed IT Service is fast and simple, and causes little disruption. Then, proactive monitoring of your network spots weaknesses before they cause trouble. Your network stays healthy and secure, with problems averted before they take hold.

If you’re considering switching to Managed IT Services, or want to find out more about how it works, please get in touch. With no pressure, we’ll step you through all the options, explaining what’s needed and why, and what happens in every eventuality.

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