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Managed IT

Managed IT services take care of your IT infrastructure and offers comprehensive IT support. It frees you from the burden of keeping computer networks healthy and averts problems before they happen.

If you’re not sure managed IT services would benefit your organisation, glance over the points below. They highlight some of issues companies struggle with, which are all avoidable.

You Don’t employ Dedicated IT Management Staff

Most likely you have staff members with some IT knowledge. This could be knowledge picked up during other training, or because they have an interest in computers, software and how systems work.

Those skilled people can keep your IT network running up to a point. Where it breaks down is when they’re too busy with their main job to keep on top of IT problems. Stretching staff too thin is a common problem, especially in IT. The result is a neglected system that’s vulnerable to crashes, infections, software conflicts and more. Lost productivity and revenue, along with extra expense to get computers running again, are real dangers.

You Do Employ IT Staff but They Struggle to Keep Up

Successfully managed IT systems take a lot of time and resources. You have to maintain:

  • Daily upkeep
  • Monitoring
  • Trouble shooting
  • Threat defence
  • Configuration
  • Updating and system backups

And this is just the beginning.

High priority issues can derail daily monitoring tasks. Neglected, they can lead to security problems which quickly escalate.

Small Problems Sometimes Turn into Emergencies

Often, companies find themselves on a cycle of only fixing IT issues when something breaks. This usually involves calling in experts when computers go down, servers crash, viruses take hold or software needs updating.

A better way is to keep things up to date and running smoothly, so nothing breaks in the first place.

Managed IT services can save time, money and frustration as potential problems are spotted before they happen, and appropriate action taken to avert disaster. In fact, if you can avoid network downtime completely, your managed IT services contract will have paid for itself.

You Find it Hard to Keep up with Tech Advances

Nobody goes into business because they want to spend hours swotting up on the latest cyber threat, the best way to gather and analyse company data, the most efficient and secure servers or how on earth to get all their devices to talk to each other.

And yet, with the pace of technology advancement today, that’s what you need to do in order not to get left behind with obsolete technology.

Every business needs some kind of IT strategy, whether it’s devising ways to help staff be more productive (with Office 365 for instance) or knowing when industry compliance regulations demand an IT upgrade. Assessing your IT strategy becomes much simpler with managed IT services as you’re dealing with professionals with experience in defining and implementing individual company IT needs.

You could even take advantage of hardware as a service (HaaS), and maintain it as an operational expense rather than a capital expense.

Your IT Budget is Always Stretched or Non-existent

IT issues such as crashed servers, virus-disabled machines or outdated software are difficult to budget for, unlike planned expenses or regularly occurring business events.

With managed IT services you know exactly where you stand financially and can budget accordingly. Your IT won’t depend on a wing and a prayer, but will be rooted in solid capability, and be monitored constantly.

Eitex is willing to step in as and when you need support, including on a per-incident basis. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our complete Managed IT Service, which is the most popular option. It includes everything from telephone IT support to server and system monitoring and data recovery planning.

When you’re thinking about outsourcing Managed IT Services, we can help you assess the optimum level of support.

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