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I’m really enjoying this being creative with my 60 seconds in BNI Utopia.

This week I did a parody of Don Mclean’s American Pie. So put the tune in your head and sing along.

Long long time ago, back in seventeen ninety one
A man named babbage had a dream
He designed and he built his first computer it was a hit
And he hoped that it would change the world
Then in 1975 a small company came alive,
Called Microsoft and as we know, they proceeded to grow

But! that dam software don’t deliver
This stupid computer makes me quiver
Why has it just frozen
The backups all are broken

I cant remember if I cried
When I heard that the hard disc was fried
I just need some help from outside
The day the hard disc died

But no more computer stresses for me
Cos I found Eitex and they helped me to get computer stress free
With their IT support and their clever approach
Now I use my works computer with glee
Cos I find I’m now computer stress free

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