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IT Support for Catering

Regardless of business size, IT infrastructure underpins just about every operational aspect. When IT is running properly, it becomes practically invisible and things ‘just work’. It’s only when it goes wrong that we realise just how much we depend on it.

It’s a little like having an ache in one part of your body — you just don’t realise the work that part does till you suddenly can’t use it any more.

As businesses become larger, IT becomes even more critical, especially when your customers are those whose smooth operation is vital to the well being of the nation. Sandwich King is just such a business. They deal with the NHS, as well as other large businesses across the UK, which makes efficient communication and secure data storage of prime importance.

Having an efficient IT infrastructure in place is just the first step on the journey. What happens when something goes wrong? It’s an old and very true saying that, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”, and without knowledgeable monitoring, IT systems can create havoc for unwary companies.

IT Support

When business efficiency absolutely depends on the smooth operation of hardware and software, the very thought of crashes or network strikes terror into the heart of any organisation.

In order to avoid wasted time, lost revenue, staff frustration and missed schedules, Sandwich King recently engaged Eitex IT Support Services to keep their systems in peak running order, quickly troubleshooting and solving problems as soon as they crop up.

IT Support Services

We offer a range of IT support services which can either be part of a managed solution or on an individual ‘per incident’ basis.

Depending on your needs, we will work with your existing technical or in-house IT support teams, or alternatively we’ll undertake all IT support on your behalf. We’ll monitor your networks and undertake disaster recovery planning; we’ll repair computers and will work to prevent problems before they occur through proactive management, going even as far as virus scanning and system backup.

In addition, we run a 24-hour helpdesk, available to anyone in your organisation for help with problems of any size or scope. We’d even be happy, for instance, to help with the formatting of Word documents if someone is having trouble. When we look after your IT, every problem is worth our attention.

Keeping The Tools of Your Trade Healthy

There’s nothing more frustrating than the downtime that occurs when malfunctioning computer systems prevent normal operation.

Whilst strong management and skilled staff are at the heart of every business in order to keep the order books full and make things happen, the tools and systems they use are just as vital. Regardless of skill or qualification, without tools no craftsman can carry out his trade.

If, like Sandwich King, you are determined to keep your IT infrastructure in tiptop health, we have the means and the know-how to keep all your systems running at maximum efficiency.

Read more about Eitex IT Support Services.

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