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IT Support for Wakefield based Micra Truck Bodies

Everyone’s heard the saying that runs along the lines of: The person who buys a drill doesn’t want a drill — what they want is a hole.

Because after all, a drill is pretty useless by itself and will spend most of its time in a cupboard or toolbox. But a hole? A hole can be used for all kinds of practical applications that either make life easier or make surroundings more beautiful.

The same is true of technology and IT Support. The person who invests in technology doesn’t really want yet another expensive piece of kit taking up real estate in the office, or yet more software gobbling up gigabytes of hard drive space.

What the technology investor wants is a business solution, a more efficient way of accessing data, a streamlined workflow and better communications between staff and customers.

Both the drill and the technology are a means to an end — neither is the end in itself.

When Technology Misbehaves

So we sympathised with Micra Truck Bodies, based in Wakefield, when we heard about the problems they were having with their technology and associated IT Support.

The very thing that was supposed to make their working lives easier and their business more lucrative was creating all kinds of havoc, from system crashes to lost productivity.

Rather than operating efficiently in the background, their old server acted out like a spoiled child, spreading stress and uncertainty. And to make matters worse, Micra never really knew if their data was backed up properly.

Knowing you’re running an unstable system that’s susceptible to crashing, whilst also never knowing if your data is secure, is a recipe for tension and uncertainty that permeates the workforce and hampers productivity.

Following discussions with Micra we were able to install a new server that would run their IT system much faster, taking care of their data in a stable, secure and efficient manner. In addition, Micra agreed to move email to Office 365, providing them with a vastly more efficient way to keep staff up to date and communicating, between themselves and with customers.

New Server and Office 365

With Eitex taking care of IT Support, Micra Truck Bodies now has a professional level service, with systems monitored 24/7 and running efficiently, and data securely backed up. Office 365 keeps email communications and files or shared data equally secure with anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering as standard. The added efficiency that comes from mobile compatibility across multiple devices is another boon.

Now, with technology behaving the way it should (in the background) Micra Truck Bodies can get on with doing what they’re best at — delivering astoundingly good trucks to their many happy customers.

Is your technology misbehaving? If you feel like you’ve got a toolbox full of drills and none of them can make the hole you need, we’ll work with you to figure out exactly which tools will get your job done.

Contact us today and we’ll help you set up a solution.


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