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Our user adoption videos allow you to learn what you want, when you want, in just 3 minutes.

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We offer expert private training to businesses who want a one-to-one with their team.

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Make the most of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva or train your team to protect your business from threats. Our workshops are here to make your business stronger and much more efficient. Register for our events today!

Microsoft Teams Workshop - 20th May 2021

Join us for a comprehensive look at how Microsoft Teams can improve your business.

Microsoft Viva Connections & SharePoint Workshop - 10th June 2021

Join us for a look at SharePoint and Viva Connections

Microsoft 365 Business Voice Explained 24th June 2021

Learn how to mobilise your workforce with Microsoft Teams Voice / Microsoft Phone System.

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Adoption Videos

Here is a list of user adoption videos for Microsoft 365. Most videos are 3-minutes long or less to allow easy digestion of information.