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IT Services for Manufacturing Companies

IT and technology investment can be enormously advantageous within manufacturing industries. It is estimated that 64 percent of first-line workers such as floor operators, drives, service technicians and shop-floor managers do not have the tools and technology to operate effectively. This impacts productivity significantly, mainly when manual processes are involved, meaning staff spend lots of time searching for information or manoeuvering into other building areas searching for data rather than having information ready at their fingertips.

By investing in networking, WiFi, machine connectivity and digital tools, the shop-floor / workshop technology can maximise employee efficiency, productivity and expertise
Connect manufacturing and production to your CRM and ERP systems and website to keep customers up-to-date in real-time.
Use tools you already have to manage work-flow such as Microsoft Planner / To-Do, Bookings, Microsoft Shifts and report stats via Power BI
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We have the technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that transform your manufacturing business.


Project Analysis

From investment through to project delivery, benchmarking takes place at various key stages to measure deliverables and ROI throughout the lifetime of the project


Deliver Result

The end result is a more efficient and resiliant manfucaturing practice helping you grow your business and take it to the next level

Microsoft 365


Utilising Microsoft 365 allows you to invest in the things that are more meaningful for your manufacturing industry rather than in IT infrastructure. Utilise cloud-based job production, improve lead-time, increase automation.

Eitex can help with licensing, product choice, design and build of M365, through to ongoing consultancy and development.

More ways to be a team

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can revolutionise your production business by connecting all staff from shop-floor front line staff to management, and even across multiple geographic locations. 

Eitex can help you implement Microsoft Teams in your business, and underlying technologies such as SharePoint and OneDrive, and Outlook, Calendar, Meetings.

Get a phone system designed for Office 365

Microsoft 365

Business Voice

Now you can use Microsoft Teams as your companies phone system. Replace your PBX, ISDN lines and telephone systems, and use Microsoft 365 Business Voice instead.
A fully integrated unified communications system can revolutionise business communication, particularly between you and your customers!
Cloud-based VoIP can be integrated into existing phone systems, or work independently. It can be used from any device whether computer, laptop, mobile phones and supported desk phones, conferencing equipment and solutions.
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