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Snow Days…

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This year there are rumours flying around that we could be looking at a worse winter than last year! A ‘mini ice age’ apparently. Unfortunately one of the things that you probably can expect is snow. And with snow comes the usual staff phone call ‘I’m sorry but I’m snowed in. I can’t make it in today.’

This is a nightmare for productivity and sometimes a little annoying when you are a business owner. 

But why should this be a problem in this day and age? 

At Eitex we are excellently placed to advise you of the options that are best suited to you and your business. With our highly qualified team of engineers and project managers we can point you in the right direction for a solution that will allow you to keep production going and won’t be heavy on the pocket. 

What can you do?
There are a plethora of different technologies out there to allow you to connect remotely to your work systems. Not only that but there are also excellent ‘cloud’ based technologies that will enable you to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You might be lounging by the pool rather than snowed in after all. 

But which one would suit you and your business? 

That’s where we at Eitex can help. Not only are we a Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partners with extensive knowledge of all the new cloud based technologies but we are also aware of the different methods that are available for remotely accessing server environments and even desktops. 

Isn’t all this expensive?
With the excellent advice that you can gain from talking to us at Eitex it doesn’t need to expensive. By approaching the problem from a logical prospective you don’t purchase IT, you purchase a solution that suits your business requirements.  

And when the snow has gone?
This is the best part. Why should it only be on ‘snowed in’ days that you should have remote facilities? After getting the best advice from Eitex you will be able to utilise the technology every day and at the same time will be pushing your business forward with up to date, reliable and advanced technology. And all the time it won’t punish you pocket. No more huge pay outs for server upgrades or network rebuilds. 

And by the way… if you buy your ‘cloud’ based technologies from Eitex then we will support it for FREE with our Standard Desktop Support Packages.

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