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Teams Praise

It is important to keeps team members motivated and during the pandemic, this has become increasingly difficult! With employees working from home, often in isolation, a small amount of praise can go a long way! Praise not only boosts morale but is good for mental health and well-being too. Introducing Teams Praise.

Traditionally you may well have patted an employee on the back for doing a good job. With social distancing, this is no longer possible. Introducing Teams Praise. With Praise in Microsoft Teams, it is possible to send a team member or even a group of people positive feedback! Once received, the person (or people) can comment and interact on the post, meaning the Praise is shared across the whole team, which boosts the morale of the entire department.

So if your team have received good comments from your customers, if they have passed an exam or gone the extra mile, don’t forget to give them praise! A happy worker is a productive worker!

Here is a short video we have produced demonstrating Microsoft Teams Praise in action:

Teams Praise is nothing new, but it is often overlooked. Give it a try today and motivate your staff.

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What do you think of Praise? is it something you have used before? We look forward to your comments below.

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