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LSi IT support contract

Back in January 2018, we contracted with LSi to support all their computers and IT upgrades. This included setting up SharePoint, Skype for Business and OneDrive, all via their Office 365 subscription. With our technical expertise and the efficiency of Office 365 business applications, LSi’s IT infrastructure delivered the computing power they needed.

They recently acquired The Print Works in Cleckheaton as part of their ongoing growth. The new building will hold stock covering the huge range of products they supply to customers. It will also provide space for production and printing. Being in a different location, however, they needed to change the way their IT works.

LSi Ltd is a long-established, award-winning, family run company. They provide promotional and merchandising materials to all types of businesses. From bags and pens, exhibition or conference products and corporate clothing, if your company needs it, LSi can source or produce it for you.

Networking Two Locations

Running two separate company sites obviously demands a more sophisticated IT infrastructure.

Staff at both locations still need access to the same information. The challenge is to create the means for easy data access from computers at both locations while maintaining security.

Eitex was pleased to work with LSi on the IT upgrades they needed to allow the two locations to share information. We installed a new server infrastructure networked over a private WAN (wide area network), providing a gigabit point-to-point network.

A few of the benefits of WAN include:

The wide area network covers a larger area than their previous local area network (LAN). Through their WAN, LSi has a computer network that connects their Cleckheaton HQ at Braemar House with their new premises at The Print Works.· Shared resources and applications gives LSi users access to all data and files (depending on permissions) from either location.· LSi can expand their WAN to incorporate new locations in the future should they expand again.

All these things boost communications and productivity. Between them, they allow for shared business functions across diverse departments such as production, sales or accounts regardless of the physical location of each department. With a private WAN connecting local networks at both locations, LSi staff stay productive and data stays secure.

The Eitex team would like to take this opportunity to wish LSi the very best of luck with their ongoing business expansion.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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