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When we found out that one of our colleagues was going to be climbing Wales’ Mount Snowdon this weekend, an idea came to life.

Why not set an office up on top of the mountain: cloud in the clouds.

For a long time, we’ve been exhibiting Office 365 and pushing the flexibility and possibilities of cloud computing, but we thought that on top of a mountain would really be pushing that flexibility to its limits.

We’ll be heading 3,560 ft up with four colleagues this Saturday 5th May to set up office on the top of Mount Snowdon.

During the climb we’ll live tweet on the way up and share pictures of the atmospheric conditions straight to the cloud. Then, when we’re at the peak, we’ll set up a Microsoft Lync video conference by an Ultrabook and Nokia Lumia 800, connecting back to HQ.

If you want to follow us on our challenge (and send us tweets of encouragement!) you can follow updates here @eitexuk, @Anywhere_Work and follow the hashtag #SnowdonOffice

To get updates from each of us on the Eitex team  follow us here: @eitexuk and @keithcockerham. You can also visit the AnywhereWorking blog for more information!

Check back with us over the weekend on Twitter at from 9am onwards to see how we’re getting on!
See you on Saturday.

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