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Has your business been affected by the “Big Freeze”? Are your staff unable to get into work once the white stuff starts falling?

If so, have you considered how you can continue running your business even when your staff can’t attend your offices?

Here at Eitex we have had the same problems as everyone else. Our staff have been stuck at home, unable to get into the office.

However, we have remained in operation, servicing our client’s needs as effectively as if we were all in the office, and only attending client sites and meeting client representatives has been affected. This means that, in spite of our office being empty we’ve been about 92% as effective as we would normally be. Quite an achievement I’m sure you’ll agree.

So how have we done this?

As you can imagine, Eitex as a technology company has invested time and resources into our IT infrastructure. Whilst we provide IT support services to other businesses we also ensure our own business can cope with the demands made of it.

We have implemented technical solutions to provide our workforce with the ability to work from anywhere they have internet access. This means our staff remain effective whatever the weather or their personal circumstances. It also means that we have 1st hand knowledge and experience when it comes to helping our customers.

So if you need to make sure your staff can work effectively, in spite of the weather, then call us now and let us help you keep your business running.

Let’s make snow an excuse to carry on working as normal – and save the sledging for the weekends!

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