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This month we are talking about Microsoft’s mileage tracker that comes free with Office 365 – MileIQ.

What is MileIQ?

MileIQ is a multi-platform mileage tracker that works on your phone, laptop, computer or anything that can run Office 365 apps. There is a mobile app on the AppStore and the Google Play store which serves as the dashboard and the tracker itself. Not only this, but you can download reports to show you statistics such as how many miles you are travelling in what vehicles and for what purposes.

How does the mileage tracker work?

After you complete a journey, you can navigate to to display the drives you have done. From there, you can select each journey individually to choose whether they were business or personal. These are categorised easily at the top of the screen. The app then automatically calculates how much money you would be able to claim back from your drives.

Another feature of this great app is the ability to add vehicles to your profile, giving you the ability to further enhance the accuracy of the drives and the calculated amounts.

Mileage Reports

Additionally, you can generate reports to look at your driving and how much you are doing. The reports will be generated automatically at the end of each month. However, you can also produce them on an ad-hoc basis by clicking on the ‘Reports’ tab. This allows you to create reports on your own timescale.

Once in the Reports section, you can set your own parameters from drives, vehicles and dates. You then click ‘Create this report’ and a report is then sent to your email address. From there you can open the report as either an excel document or as a PDF. This allows you to send the details of your drives to your employer.

To get started with MileIQ make your way to the MileIQ website and click ‘Sign Up’.

If you would like to learn more about MileIQ and other Office 365 products sign up to one of our free Office 365 taster sessions.

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