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Free Office 365 Taster Sessions

You’ve heard about Office 365 and Cloud Computing, and you’ve probably been meaning to figure out what the fuss is about. But time is money and leisure is precious. So far, 365 is still the number of days in a year and the cloud is something that rains on you.

Have you ever wished someone would sit down and explain just what Office 365 is and how you use it, what it can do for your business and how you’d benefit?

What you need is:

  • An expert who can show you how Office 365 would work in your business
  • Someone who can plug the gap between the things you need to do on a daily basis and the new technology you suspect would make them easier.

Office 365 – Liberation on a Grand Scale

When you’re used to working in a certain way and dealing with the limitations of that way, you can’t imagine there being a better way.

Before email, we typed correspondence and printed it out then stuck it in the post. Today, we can’t imagine conducting business according to the post office’s timetable.

Cloud computing has done for business what email originally did when it liberated us from the global postal system and the printer.

But it’s liberation on a grand scale, opening doors we didn’t even realise existed, let alone were closed. Cloud Computing has:

  • Revolutionised inter-office communications
  • Allowed co-authoring and instant sharing of documents
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Given mobile work solutions to all staff
  • Allowed access to data/files/email from multiple devices
  • And far more than this post has room for.

Office 365 and Cloud Computing Taster Sessions

Our free Office 365 taster sessions are designed specifically for people like you: business owners who’re not sure if cloud computing will suit their company or how it will benefit them – or who worry that it’s too expensive or complicated to set up.

The sessions are guided and interactive, and we take pains to relate each one as closely as possible to your business. This is important because we want you to understand how YOUR business will work more efficiently with Office 365.

We cover all the main elements, including:

  • Office 365 – what it is, and how the various licensing plans work
  • Exchange Online – we’ll demonstrate how cloud email works and how it can be used
  • SharePoint Online – we’ll demonstrate how online data storage and the easy sharing of information will transform your business operations and customer service
  • Lync – It’s Skype for business, and our demo will show how instant message, voice and video can break-down barriers between your staff, customers and suppliers
  • Yammer – an Enterprise Social Networking tool that can be used to enhance communication in a business and further break down barriers between staff, customers and suppliers.

Throughout, you’ll be encouraged to take part, have a go, ask questions and get to understand how this technology works with you to make things better, easier, faster and ultimately more profitable. We’ve been running weekly taster sessions for Cloud Computing and Office 365 for a while now, and have around 6 – 8 people visiting each Friday. The sessions are informal and totally free, and you don’t need to be an existing or previous customer to take part. If you’ve been meaning to investigate all this but have never got round to it, now’s the time. Jump on one of these sessions while we’re still running them. We’d love to include you some time soon. Just fill in the online form and choose the date you prefer. We’ll do the rest and look forward to seeing you.

For more information on Office 365 please visit Office 365

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