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Yorkshire based BJA Refrigeration Consulting Engineers were using outdated Windows XP machines and it was holding the business back. BJA commented that mobile engineers were not easily able to access company information which was vital for their job. With the Windows XP End-of-Life just around the corner, we felt that now was the right time to upgrade!

Company Director Chris said “with some of the larger clients we are dealing with we have to be one step ahead of the game! We need to have the latest technology with customer information in-hand. Office 365 and Windows 8 allowed us to do just that!”

BJA turned to Eitex who supplied all engineers with Windows 8 tablets, and all back-office computers were upgraded from Windows XP. The system is backed by Office 365 and allows engineers access information at a touch of a button.

How can Eitex help you? If you would like to discuss Office 365, or Windows 8 for your business, please get in touch.

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