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Hunter Safety join Eitex

Eitex were pleased to recently work with Hunter Safety to bring their IT systems fully up to date with current best-practice and compliance standards.

Hunter Safety works with businesses and organisations across Europe and the UK. They deliver safety solutions to companies, devise and deliver training courses and work in a consultancy capacity. Like any international company, Hunter Safety Group needs an IT system that is reliable and accessible from anywhere.

Collaboration is a bit of a buzzword these days, but there is good reason to give the concept some attention. Good IT infrastructure allows quick and easy access to information for key personnel.  Mobile technology gives us the devices, but it’s through software that those devices speak to each other, sharing files while maintaining confidentiality and security.

Secure File Sharing

Using Office 365, Exchange Online and Skype for Business, Hunter Safety Solutions’ staff can stay in touch with each other (and their clients) wherever they happen to be working – either at home or abroad.

Adding SharePoint provides the ideal way to share files and other information. Everyone gains access to the latest version of documents. Therefore, there’s never a danger of working with out of date material. Comprehensive search capability removes the risk of work duplication.

A New File Server and Application Remoting

Hybrid systems are becoming increasingly popular for both large and small companies. Eitex installed a file server for Hunter Safety Group, from which they run their Sage 50 accounts software. The file server also allows remote access. 

Anyone familiar with Sage 50 will know that it won’t normally run on Apple’s OS X operating system. It’s a Windows programme. Eitex worked to make it possible for Mac users to access the software when they need to. We achieved this with Published Apps: virtual software programs that allow application remoting via the server. This adds flexibility to the workflow, letting people get on with their job without compatibility issues.

We’re always happy to devise bespoke IT solutions where companies need it. We know an ‘out of the box’ solution doesn’t always meet company needs, or goes only half way towards providing a streamlined system.

Whether you need a totally cloud-based IT system, one you can add to as the need arises or something that falls between the two, we can help. Our engineers have a deep pool of experience to draw from, and can find creative support solutions for even the trickiest situations.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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