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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes in the way people work. The traditional office setup has given way to Hybrid Working, a New Way of Working that Boosts Productivity. Hybrid working, which combines remote and office working, has emerged as a new way of working. This article explores the advantages of hybrid working and how it can be implemented using Microsoft 365 technologies.

Advantages of Hybrid Working

Hybrid working offers several benefits for both employees and employers. Employees can choose to work from home or the office, depending on what suits them best. This flexibility allows employees to work in an environment that maximizes their productivity. They can avoid distractions and interruptions in the office and commute during off-peak hours to save time. Additionally, hybrid working has been found to improve team member retention, as workers are less likely to leave if they can work remotely. It also expands the pool of potential employees for employers, who can now hire talented workers from anywhere.

Embracing Microsoft 365 Technologies

Implementing a successful model requires the use of cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Business Voice, Office 365, Windows 11, Enterprise Security, and Azure are some of the essential tools that businesses need to leverage to enable hybrid working. With these tools, employees can access everything they need to stay productive from anywhere and on any device.

Communication and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that enables communication and collaboration among team members. Teams bring together various functions such as chat, file sharing, business app integration, and video meetings in a shared workspace. This tool has become increasingly popular during the pandemic, with adoption rates skyrocketing by 70%. With Microsoft Teams, employees can work together simultaneously on documents, making collaboration easier and more efficient.

The Right Hardware

Having the right hardware is critical for successful hybrid working. Employers need to provide employees with devices that are reliable, efficient, and compatible with various work styles. This hardware should be able to work for all types of users from anywhere and not just in the office from 9 to 5. Choosing the correct equipment, such as laptops that are fast, reliable, and have excellent video capabilities, will ensure that employees can work efficiently and productively from anywhere.

Hybrid Working Security

One of the biggest concerns that companies have with cloud-based applications is security. However, Microsoft has invested heavily in securing Microsoft 365, providing a range of security solutions such as email encryption and threat protection. Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) helps safeguard modern workplaces by bringing together all security solutions in one place. Additionally, Microsoft Intune allows businesses to manage and monitor their devices from anywhere in the world, ensuring that company data is secure at all times.

In conclusion, hybrid working is a new way of working that offers flexibility and increased productivity for both employees and employers. By embracing Microsoft 365 technologies, businesses can implement a successful model that enables communication, collaboration, and secure data management.

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Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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