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Lync and SharePoint for B38 Group

For companies like B38 Group, who have offices at opposing ends of the country in London and Yorkshire and an equally scattered staff, sharing information and keeping everyone up to date can be a challenge. Add into the mix the diversity and range of devices individuals choose to use, and the question of compatibility can also become an issue.

B38 Group needed a way to simplify and streamline their communications, bringing in greater efficiency and a more cohesive way of collaborating. Eitex were delighted to offer a solution in the form of Lync and SharePoint with Microsoft Office 365 technology.


Through Lync, B38’s staff can communicate with each other from whichever device they’re closest to, whether that’s an office PC or a mobile phone in a field contractor’s pocket. Lync also makes it easy to choose the most convenient method of contact, for instance via a video call or through a simple instant message. Because Lync works across iOS, Mac, Windows, or Android and Blackberry platforms, users don’t have to familiarise themselves with a new interface to get started, and B38 have no additional expense in providing bespoke hardware.

Other benefits in-built with Lync include:

  • HD video for virtual meetings – with a drop-in facility that makes it a one-click operation to join meetings in progress
  • Group Meetings – allow up to five participants to see each other at once. Meeting attendees can choose who can see them, or allow Lync to make the choice
  • OneNote Integration – allows users to make and share digital notes during meetings. 


With five distinct but related areas of business, B38 needed a way to make compiling, storing, retaining and sharing information and documents easier. SharePoint provides the solution, offering a single point of contact between users who need to access and share information or develop ideas and data securely between departments or individuals.

Providing integration between content management, collaboration, social networks and company databases, SharePoint works seamlessly across all devices and platforms.

Based on Office 365 technology with secure cloud-based storage, B38 were able to harness the power and efficiency of Lync and SharePoint without incurring any large capital investment for server infrastructure. Sensitive CRM and ERM data is also safeguarded by Microsoft’s robust enterprise reliability, including recovery in the event of a disaster.

Keeping offices at opposite ends of the country in touch with each other is no longer a problem. Efficient and reliable communication methods make it as simple for departments to share and collaborate on the bigger picture as it is for individuals to stay in touch. Everyone has access to the same information, with far less chance of duplicating effort or misplacing vital data.

Learn more about SharePoint Online or Microsoft Lync if you’re also interested in taking your company communications and data storage to the next level. Or alternatively, give us a call and we’ll run through what Office 365 products can do for you.


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