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Before moving ahead with Office 365 and / or CRM Online, it is important that you measure the speed of your internet connection first. The speed of your connection will determine how well your cloud computing systems will work!

Here is a short video with full instructions:

Ideally you need to be looking at the following speeds as a minimum:

2mb download or above for up to 5 users
4mb download or above for up to 10 users
6mb download or above for up to 20 users
10mb download or above for over 20 users

If your speeds are slow we would recommend checking to see if fibre (FTTC) or other services are available. We use two websites for this as sometimes the results can differ, generally if one website says the service is available then it usually is, your ISP will be able to confirm:

Enter BOTH your Postcode and Telephone Number for accurate results. If your telephone number isn’t recognised enter your fax number if you have one:

If you need help for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are able to offer free advice on internet connectivity.

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