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Imagine if you could give everyone in your business a personal assistant whose sole job was to sift through countless data sets, documents, communications, graphs, spreadsheets and databases, then serve up exactly what the individual needed to complete the task.

Wouldn’t that make team collaboration, individual document creation, or consulting with colleagues a whole lot easier and faster?

Making Office 365 Even Better for Collaboration

Office 365 is brilliant for giving everyone access to the documents they need across your entire network. It joins up remote offices, keeps field personnel in touch, and lets everyone see the most recent and up to date versions of current documents.

But people still need to know those documents are there, and know where to find them. While Office 365 is great when you know what you want and where to find it, it’s not so hot if you need some information but have no idea if the company has produced it, or where you’d find it if they had.

In situations like that, an intuitive research assistant who can pull relevant information from diverse departments or obscure archives would be worth their weight in gold. This is what Delve does, and as it’s also available on android or iOS devices, Delve works just as efficiently for those out of the office.

Information You Need, When You Need It

We’re used to being served tailored information in social applications. All the social network platforms show adds, trends and diverse information based on user habits and interests. We’re not used to having that personalised information experience at work, however. Delve changes that.

Microsoft Graph is the engine behind the intelligence of Delve, which serves up relevant information to individuals based on their interests from a business perspective.

Because Delve is personal to individual users, not everyone sees the same thing at the same time.

It allows teams to access and share current collaborative documents as well as showing them relevant document history from previous communications on the same topic. They can search within Delve for relevant information on a subject, or find people within the organisation with similar interests.

Delve is intelligent, so it learns and adapts to changing interests and needs over time. The information it delivers is then tailored for very personal, unique requirements.

Microsoft Delve Respects Privacy

Naturally, you’ll have different permissions set up within Office 365 for individuals or groups and teams. Delve won’t change any of those permissions so you needn’t worry about security breaches. It only shows documents or information that people already have access to, so neither does it tease users by showing the presence of documents they can’t access.

Within Delve, users can also choose to keep their generated documents private, or pick individuals to share with. It customisable, sensitive and all wrapped up in a familiar, tile-like interface that resembles Pinterest.

Organisational Insights Coming to Delve

Another reason you might want to look at incorporating Microsoft Delve in your Office 365 account is a new feature being rolled out later this year.

Recently described as a “health tracker for your work” by Julia White, general manager of Office division product management at Microsoft, organisational analytics provided through Delve are accessed through a dashboard.

Presented in charts, it will allow you to identify trends derived from communications in Skype, email and Yammer, providing data on:

  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Interactions
  • And even work/life balance

With the organisational analytics in Microsoft Delve you can see how individuals mix, communicate and access the data available to them, both internally and with external teams. You’ll gain a much deeper understanding of how your business is working, and get insight on how processes or workflow can be improved.

For management, IT professionals, and everyone else who works within or for your organisation, Delve provides an intelligent, needs-based interface that helps everyone connect the dots.

If you’d like more information on the many ways Office 365 can streamline business efficiency, we run regular taster sessions where we answer questions and run through the basics.

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