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Microsoft Forms

Microsoft announced the roll out of their popular Microsoft Forms tool. First made available to Education customers last year, it’s now available to Enterprise customers too.

Collecting, analysing, assessing and recording data are fundamental business operations. They underpin current activities and provide the information necessary for future planning. Whether you’re launching a new product, bringing in new standardisations, or just want to know what customers think, it’s all in the numbers collected.

So what is Microsoft Forms?

It’s a nifty little application available with Office 365 that lets you create quizzes and polls, surveys or questionnaires that can help grow your business. You can make them available to targeted user groups, who don’t need anything more than a browser to take part. It’s optimised for current versions of all the major browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

You can personalise Office 365 Forms with header pictures or logos, making branding simple and recognisable. You can even add video to questions to make your forms more interactive and dynamic.

Office 365 is the ideal suite when it comes to collaboration, and with Forms it’s the same. When teams or groups of people are working together to build a quiz or survey, they can save forms as a template for others to share and use. Handy if you make surveys or polls a regular marketing or team building feature and want to maintain a consistent look.

If you want to create forms that customers or clients outside your organisation can fill in, you can do this in your Form Settings. By default, responses are anonymous, but if you’d prefer to see details of who responds you can request they fill in a field giving personal information.

It’s possible to gather up to 5,000 responses from a single form. If you’re polling a large user group and expect more responses, Microsoft currently recommends exporting existing responses to Excel to free up response space in your form.

It’s also fully responsive, so people can take part from whatever device is handiest without the need for a separate app.

What about Security and Compliance?

You’re covered in all regards. Microsoft Forms adheres to the same security and privacy levels that’s expected from and provided by all Microsoft products. Their robust compliance and regulations standards meet all regional and, indeed, global requirements, meeting FERPA and BAA protection standards.

Admins can disable Forms if necessary.

Who Can Get Microsoft 365 Forms?

It’s currently in preview for Office 365 commercial subscribers, and offers all the features currently available to Education customers:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Enterprise E1, E3 and E5

Customers who bought Enterprise E4 before its retirement can also use Office 365 Forms.

Need more help or information? As always, we’re here to answer your questions.

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