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Is it a coincidence that Office 2016 is the 16th version release of the vital suite of programmes for business and personal users? Maybe, but it’s a release we’re looking forward to, and you should be too.

Here are a few reasons why, and what it means for businesses:

Even more Flexibility and Compatibility across Devices

Office 365 for business revolutionised the way companies large and small organise and collect data, collaborate, and communicate. Office 2016 goes a few steps further.

  • Snap functions and smart scrolling in Excel are just part of the makeover. It makes tapping small screens easier for faster data manipulation or entry.


  • A new feature called ‘Insights’ in Word pulls in references and definitions from the Internet without leaving Word, making reading a richer experience. Word also has a ‘Tell Me’ feature, which will perform basic functions for you when you type in what you want, instead of giving a series of instructions on how to do it yourself. On the mobile version, the ribbon has moved to the bottom of the screen, making thumb access easier.


  • Outlook has had an overhaul, and now has better search and image insertion. Adding attachments is easier, as Outlook will now search out and insert the latest version of any file regardless of where it is on your computer/system. There is also a dark theme option for visually impaired users. For users who like to keep tabs on the storage they’re using, there are now settings in Outlook that allow you to set the length of time emails are retained on your device.

Two Versions of Office 2016 for Optimised Working

  • One version for small tablets and smartphones making function and navigation easier on a smaller screen
  • A slightly different version for large tablets, touchscreen hybrid laptops, and desktops.

Regardless of which platform you’re running it on, both versions offer the same features, working in tandem and offering similar functionality, although the mobile versions offer slightly less functionality. This makes sense as they’re designed for on-the-go use rather than complex desk operations or lengthy document creation. Office 2016 is compatible across all platforms – Windows, iOS, or Android.

Microsoft has promised no legacy issues with this update to the Office 365 suite of programmes. Whereas with previous version updates some users have found problems with older spreadsheets or running existing macros, Office 2016 makes no changes to macro abilities. All your existing macros will still work.

There is also a new version of Skype for business which closely resembles the Skype we’re familiar with, but which includes integration into the other apps to make it easier for businesses to use. This is a replacement for Lync, Microsoft’s current communication tool.

This is just a quick overview of some of the changes coming in Office 2016. There are also improvements in security and other behind the scenes aspects that IT managers or developers will appreciate. For users, it will be a smooth upgrade that enhances productivity in a seamless way, without any complicated learning curves to slow you down.

Office 2016 launches later this year, and we’d be delighted to help you get ready or explain more about the differences and how upgrading will help your business.

For more information on Office 365 please visit Office 365

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